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Sony Starvis 2 IMX 678

The A810 delivers improved front 4K, thanks to Sony’s latest STARVIS 2 IMX678 CMOS sensor which demonstrates sensitivity beyond the human eye as well as outstanding low noise characteristics. The 1/1.8″ sensor features a 68% increase in chip size, 90% increase in pixel’s photosensitive area and doubles the low light performance.

HDR Dual-Channel Recordin

Front 4K HDR and rear 1080P HDR give maximum coverage of the road, providing superior image clarity, enhanced color accuracy, and a significantly improved balance of exposure levels.

Smart Vehicle Guardian

AI Motion Detection

Equipped with AI motion detection algorithm, by calculating a nearby person’s distance and intention, it activates recording once it identifies someone as a potential threat, keeping hard evidence of break-ins or other man-induced emergencies.

Super–Sensing ADAS

Expanded safety alerts including Pedestrian/Bikers Alert, Lane Departure Alert, Front Collision Alert and Moving Traffic Alert.

Built-in GPS

Provide essential safety features, such as current time, speed and coordinates, and track the exact location of an accident in case one should occur. It also provides a route-tracking map to better trace your journey.

App Control

The A810 connects to the 70mai App via the dash cam’s WiFi, enabling users to access real-time footage, take photos, download photos/videos to their phone, or share directly to social media. Users can also adjust settings such as resolution level, recording duration, G-sensor sensitivity, etc.

70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 Size

70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 Overview

70mai Dash Cam 4K A810 Specs

70mai 4K A810 HDR Dash Cam Set Package


1. Why does the Dash Cam not turn on when powered?

The possible reasons are as follows:
1) This Dash Cam has a self-protection function. When the temperature is detected to be too high, it will not respond to the power-on action, please use it after the temperature is normal.
2) Please check whether the vehicle charger and power cord are abnormal.
3) After the vehicle is auto-off when no movement, you need to manually press the power button to turn on the Dash Cam when you start the vehicle next time.

2. What is the supercapacitor solution? What are the pros and cons of the supercapacitor and lithium battery?

The application of the supercapacitor is the combined use of button batteries and the supercapacitors. The supercapacitor itself can store very little power. It will shut down immediately after power cut, risking the possibility that critical footages cannot finish recording in extreme conditions.
The application of the lithium battery is using lithium batteries as a backup power source. Even when the power is cut off, the dash cam will still be able to finish recording the emergency video. The drawback is that lithium batteries do not discharge well under extremely high or low temperatures.
We believe that the priority of the dash cam is capturing footage even in extreme conditions, so we chose the lithium battery solution and equipped it with precise safety protection logic. However, based on extensive user feedback, 70mai will explore the supercapacitor solution in future products.

3. Why HDR cannot be used after turning on 60 fps?

The principle of HDR realization determines that under the setting of HDR+30fps, the frame encoding calculation is equivalent to 60fps; If HDR and 60fps are turned on at the same time, the main control encoding processing capacity of mainstream Dash Cam is insufficient, therefore the two cannot be turned on concurrently.

4. What are the benefits of HDR?

This model of Dash Cam has hardware-level HDR capability, which can greatly optimize the imaging effect of the following scenes with strong contrast between light and dark:
 – Access to tunnels and underground garages during the sunny day;
– Direct headlights on license plates at night; – Shadow imaging of road objects in areas with strong sunlight.

5. What are the differences among collision detection, motion detection and time-lapse photography? 

Parking surveillance, time-lapse photography and motion detection are the corresponding working modes of this model of Dash Cam for different parking security scenarios. The Dash Cam supports the following functions alone or all enabled after detecting the vehicle flameout, to guard your vehicle in all aspects:
1) Collision detection: The Dash Cam will be in standby mode without recording after flameout, but when the built-in gravity sensor (G-sensor) detects abnormal vibration of the vehicle (usually the vehicle is collided), it triggers the recording of a 30-second-long parking surveillance video, and stores it in the parking surveillance video folder of the device album.
2) Motion detection: The Dash Cam will be in standby mode without recording when flameout. When the image algorithm running continuously on the Dash Cam detects a threatening scene to the vehicle and determines that the threat level has reached the level that needs to be recorded, it will trigger the recording of a 30-second-long parking surveillance video and store it in the parking surveillance video folder of the device album.
3) Time-lapse photography: When this function is turned on, the Dash Cam continuously shoots frames at a sampling rate of one frame per second (when the video recording frame rate is set to 30 fps) or one frame every 500 milliseconds (when the video recording frame rate is set to 60 fps) when the after flameout, and then combines them into a 30 fps or 60 fps video file, i.e. time-lapse photography video, and stores it in the time-lapse photography video folder of the device album. Time-lapse photography can continuously record the situation in the field of view of the Dash Cam, and playback the video at a speed equivalent to thirty times the real-world time flow, in case there is an abnormal event, it can well record the entire cause and effect as proof of evidence.

Manuals, Video, Software

Here’s what you get in the box

1.Dash Cam A810

2.Car Charger

3.Wiring Crowbar

4.RC 12 Cord

5.A810 Power Cord


7.Rear Cam RC 12

8.Electrostatic Sticker

9.RC 12 User Manual

10.A810 User Manual

11.Hardwire Kit



70mai New 4K Dash Cam A810 with Sony Starvis 2 IMX678,Dual HDR Front and Rear Cam,Built in GPS,Night Owl Vision,Support 256GB Max,Smart Parking Guardian Mode,AI Motion Detection,Time-Lapse Recording

included Hard wirie Kit


• 4K UHD Resolution & Sony Starvis 2 IMX678
• HDR Rear Cam Recording or Interior Recording
• Smart Parking Guardian Mode Enabled by AI Motion Detection (Hardwire Kit UP 03 required)
• Time-Lapse Recording: compresses every 15 minutes into 1 minute during parking mode to save memory card space (Hardwire Kit UP 03 required)
• 70mai Night Owl Vision™️: self-developed HDR algorithm to produce images with extremely high clarity in both static and dynamic scenes under low-light scenes.
• MaiColor Vivid+ Solution™️: 70mai’s self-developed algorithm optimizes image in terms of color, realism, accuracy, and computational efficiency.


  • Dsplay Screen : 3.0″ IPS
  • Dsplay Screen Resolution : 640 x 360P
  • Video Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 X 2160)
  • Image Sensor: Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678
  • Aperture : F1.8
  • Frame Rate: 60 fps/ 25fps
  • Lens FOV : Front – 150° (Diagonal)
  • Dimensions(WxDxH): 59.8 x 36.3 x 88 mm
  • Weight: 570g
  • Operating Temperature: -10°~ 60°C (14°~ 140°F)
  • Capacity: MicroSD card support 32 to 256GB (UHS-3 or above)
  • Input Power: 3.5M Type-C
  • GPS: Built-in GPS
  • Wi-Fi Connection : Built-in


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