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DDPAI Dash Cam Front and Rear, 1296P Front 1080P Rear Dash Camera for Cars, Built-in WIFI, Super Night Vision, Car Camera with Dual Captures Footage, 24H Parking Mode, G-Sensor, Loop Recording,N1 Dual

1296P+1080P DUAL Dash Cam: Dual dash cam which records video of up to Ultra HD (2560*1296P)+FHD 1080P resolutions. This high-definition combination ensures crystal-clear clarity, allowing you to capture every detail of your journey with exceptional precision. Whether you’re recording the scenic landscapes or monitoring the road for safety, our dash cam provides unparalleled video quality, ensuring you never miss a moment. Experience the ultimate peace of mind and enhance your driving experience

SUPER NIGHT VERSION: Equipped with 5 sets of HD lenses and an impressive F1.8 aperture, it captures clear and detailed footage even in low-light environments. With DDPAI’s NightVIS technology, bid farewell to blurry footage and embrace superior visibility and clarity. Drive confidently at night, backed by reliable evidence for insurance claims and legal matters. Upgrade to the N1 Dual dash cam from DDPAI and witness the next level of nighttime recording.

AI.265 ENCODING TECHNOLOGY-REVOLUTIONIZING VIDEO: Compression Experience the future of video compression with DDPAI’s cutting-edge AI.265 encoding technology. It revolutionizes video compression by enhancing video quality and achieving remarkable storage savings of over 30% compared to traditional H.264 encoding. With AI.265, enjoy superior video performance while efficiently managing your storage space. Discover the transformative power of DDPAI’s self-developed AI.265 encoding technology.

TWO INTELLIGENT RECORDING MODES: The dash cam’s Parking Mode offers two intelligent recording modes to monitor your parked vehicle, capture important events when you’re away. Time-Lapse Mode condenses long periods of inactivity into a shortened video. Impact Detection Mode instantly starts recording if an impact or collision is detected, providing evidence if an incident occurs. When the storage space is insufficient, it automatically overwrites the earliest recorded videos by loop recording

IPS POWER MANAGEMENT NO ADDITIONAL BURDEN ON YOUR VEHICLE’S BATTERY: The N1 Dual dash camera features a built-in IPS power management system that continuously monitors your car battery voltage. When the voltage falls below the set threshold, the system automatically cuts off power. This functionality ensures you can keep track of your battery voltage conveniently through the DDPAI App.


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